FinalCOCLC_DayTwo-75.jpg“Reena is absolutely an amazing relationship builder! For the past two years, she has served as a leadership executive panelist and advisor for the Circle of Change Leadership Conference. Her positive attitude intertwined with her remarkable work ethic and expertise in event management enabled us to transform the lives of 250 diverse student leaders from across the country. She is a gem in marketing and a major reason why we were able to have a huge success with our annual conference.” ~ Joshua Fredenburg, President, Circle of Change Leadership Conference

“I very much enjoyed having Reena on my team. She is extremely organized, strategic, data-driven and dived deep into every project she tackled, helping to improve systems and processes through her project management style. She is collaborative and easily figured out who to talk to about projects and moved several to completion in excellent fashion. Her connections with NPOs was also invaluable during her tenure. She would be an asset to any nonprofit organization or CSR team at the corporate level.” ~ Doris Dunn, Director of Community Relations, Farmers Insurance

“Reena is an extremely detail oriented and motivated individual. While these are only some of her strengths, Reena added an immense overall value to the West Hollywood Women’s Leadership Conference the past couple of years with her connections, attentiveness, and knowledge of various topics in project management, program execution, marketing, etc.” ~ John Erickson, Legislative Representative, Los Angeles World Airports, (Former Community Events Technician, City of West Hollywood)

“Reena is an optimistic person who finds solutions in times of crisis. Work gets done but at the same time, new avenues of thinking are opened. Her cooperative spirit, compassion for the well being of all and flexible leadership style make her an outstanding leader who is destined for continued significant accomplishments.” ~ Tiffany Smith-Anoa’i, Executive Vice President, Diversity, Inclusion & Communications, CBS Corporation

“Reena is a powerhouse connector, marketer, and fundraiser! I’ve had the pleasure of working with her in multiple capacities over the past few years, and I continue to be impressed by her drive, energy, and dedication. She is passionately committed to making the world a better place, and she pours her heart and soul into her professional and volunteer endeavors. Reena also gets results: over the past few years under her leadership, Dress for Success Worldwide-West has grown and improved by all measures: programmatic, resources, visibility and leadership.” ~ Suzanne Elliott, Principal, Envision Consulting

“Reena is simply indefatigable. She takes on every problem, issue or challenge as an opportunity forging her way with limited physical, financial and human resources building pillars of support with each new interaction. As a non-profit leader, she is equally passionate and compassionate with staff, advisors/board, volunteers, and clients. Under her leadership and with her boundless energy, Dress for Success Worldwide-West has expanded facilities, programs and services, donors, and volunteer resources serving a steadily increasing client base.” ~ Fay Taragan, Independent College Counselor, Magellan College Counseling (Former Chair, Professional Women’s Group, Dress for Success)

“Reena is a very resilient, highly adaptable, leader. As the director of the West Coast office (Dress for Success), she has demonstrated an exceptional talent and skill-set for marketing/PR, event management, and corporate partnerships. Under Reena’s leadership, the Shop for Success, a signature fundraising event in LA, more than doubled previous years proceeds to gross $132K to sustain high-quality, local client services for unemployed women. Reena shows strong ties to the community, launching the first-ever appreciation night for referral agencies, clients, and volunteers. Because of Reena, the LA office has gained substantial publicity in several prints, broadcast, and online media spots. She expanded the advisory council to now include key leaders in business, communications and the entertainment sector.” ~ Amanda Flott Kinsey, Adjunct Faculty, University of Denver (Former Director, Dress for Success Worldwide-Central)

“Reena is the very definition of unbreakable will. Few people have the determination to put in the amount of quality work that she does for the benefit of her community. Her energy level is sky-high and it is contagious among her staff, interns, and advisory council. Because of Reena’s leadership, Dress for Success Worldwide-West has grown in outreach, agency partnerships, media presence, and more. Due to her stewardship, our contribution income has increased by 25% in 2014, allowing a number of women we provide services to flourish. At the heart of it all, Reena’s compassion is what drives her to work so hard and ensure we are providing the best service to as many women as possible. She excels at leading, motivating, and making the world a better place.” ~ Brynne Zaniboni,‎ Co-Founder/Head of Marketing, Coastal Club (Former Branch Manager, Dress for Success Worldwide-West)

“She is not just a boss, but a true leader. She is one of the most intelligent, strategic-thinkers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and learn from. From the beginning to the end of every project she touches, she is meticulous and metrics-driven, being able to break down complex situations into tangible, understandable issues, always coming out with a well thought out plan of attack. I have seen her rise above the most difficult work situations while continually creating an environment of empowerment that has taught me more about integrity than any leadership class or book ever could.” ~ Lisa Atia, Creative Brand Strategist, Blavity (Former Development Manager, Dress for Success Worldwide-West)

“Reena was a key player in the success of HomeAid Orchestrating Hope Benefit concert, featuring Grammy-nominated recording artist John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting, which netted over $80,000. Thanks to her skills in event management, production, and marketing, the concert garnered approximately 500 attendees. Reena was a team player who worked seamlessly with staff, volunteers, and the Irvine Barclay Theater. It was a great fundraiser largely through Reena’s efforts to support HomeAid’s mission to build dignified housing where homeless families and individuals can rebuild their lives.” ~ Jeffrey Slavin, CEO, HomeAid America)

“Reena is one of the most industrious individuals I have worked with, and she sets an impressively high bar for performance that she meets time and again. She has an exceptional ability to use and discover all potential resources in order to accomplish a project assigned to her. She is unflaggingly professional as well as an excellent communicator and team player. Reena is a diligent record-keeper and is great at anticipating and finding solutions to challenges before they arise. She is able to see business endeavors from many different perspectives and has an established precedent through the experience of manifesting these perspectives into success. I highly recommend Reena and am so pleased I got to work with her for the Tadasana Festival.” ~ Laura Gatewood, Associate Director, Special Events, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (Former Operations Manager, Tadasana Festival)

“In my time speaking to and working with Reena, she was very professional and enthusiastic about her work at Causecast. She always met deadlines, and was an excellent and frequent communicator. I was always impressed by the way others spoke about Reena. It confirmed what I already thought was true! Of course, she was always resourceful and good at connecting or promoting people doing good work. I feel lucky to have met her.” ~ Joe Waters, Founder, Writer & Podcaster, Selfishgiving.com

“Reena is one of the most dynamic, committed, passionate, and hard-working people I have come across in my many years as a community and legislative advocate. For Causecast and L.A. Works, Reena managed marketing initiatives, promoted the value of corporate citizenship and developed employee volunteer programs in the nonprofit, civic and corporate sectors. It is in the volunteer and service sphere where I became acquainted with Reena and witnessed her excellent community building and marketing skills at play. From organizing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to Cesar Chavez Day to the Mayor’s Day of Service, I have been impressed with her professionalism and contributions in making these large-scale events successful. Reena truly values the power of volunteerism and its role in fostering social change.” ~ Rafael Gonzalez, Director, Community Relations, First 5 LA (Former Chief Service Officer, Office of Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa, City of Los Angeles)

“Reena is a sophisticated, smart and intuitive talent. As Director of Marketing for Causecast I have seen Reena manage with ease and grace multiple responsibilities including create marketing collateral, book-speaking engagements, manage our social media outreach, partnership account management, write blog posts, garner business leads and leverage relationships with key influencers. What is even more incredible is her flawless execution in all of these areas. It is a unique opportunity to work with someone like Reena that not only makes you grateful for the experience, but a better person as well.” ~ Courtney Kovacevich, Head of Key Accounts, Influential (Former Brand Partnerships Director, Causecast)

“Reena has a unique understanding of the nonprofit and private sector, which allows her to share the best practices and resources from both sectors with our 5000+ audience. She is an amazing partner for CNM and an ace in peer networking. Reena is absolutely the first call we make when we need to be connected with “those that know” in the areas of social media, web-based fundraising, and digital thought leaders. We are incredibly fond of Reena and sing her praises around these offices, once you get to know her, you will too.” ~ Carmelita Ramirez-Sanchez, Executive Director, Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory (Former Director of Marketing, Center for Nonprofit Management, Southern California)

“I’ve partnered with Reena on several events where Yelpers had the opportunity to give their time and donations to support a good cause. Whether we are hosting a pajama holiday fundraiser at the El Rey Theatre, painting a mural for MLK Jr. Day at Rosemont Elementary School or encouraging community outreach at an Elite Hold Up Art Gallery event, Reena was always enthusiastic to get involved and happy to lend a hand. She loved to think outside the box to really encourage the Yelp Community to connect with various nonprofits.” ~ Katie Burbank, Senior Community Director, Los Angeles, Yelp.com

“Reena De Asis was a wonderful addition to the L.A. Works team, bringing a lot of passion, creativity, and can-do attitude. For any nonprofit, those are important characteristics to possess, but can’t be taught. Reena was instrumental in creating a strong foundation for the marketing function, creating systems for various marketing sponsorships and partnerships. She was successful in raising more than $150K in both monetary and in-kind donations as well as raising awareness of L.A. Works with more corporate and media partners, including Yelp, Goldstar, Clear Channel and LA Weekly. She also added more “fun” to L.A. Works events, by adding live music to the mix or booking key speakers. She was a great ambassador for L.A. Works in both the corporate world and in the community.” ~ Christie Ly, Director, Strategic Communications, AECOM (Former Vice President, Grayling / Rose & Kindel)

“Reena puts heart, dedication, and a drive to get done what needs to get done into her work. Combined with a mind for being creative and resourceful (and a thick Rolodex of contacts), Reena often pleasantly surprises the team at L.A. Works with how she is able to come through in her position as Director of Marketing & Corporate Relations. While she does think outside the box, she also holds a set of traditional professional values like work ethic, accountability, and teamwork that are notable and morale-building to work with.” ~ Gilbert Gonzales, Project Manager, Affordable Housing Development (Former Director of Programs, L.A. Works)

“Reena was a pleasure to work with during our fundraiser partnership with LA Works. She used “outside the box” thinking to find a way for our companies to fit together and helped create a unique campaign. I’ve always been impressed with her follow-up beyond the project to keep me informed of what is new with her and alerting me to new business opportunities. A great networker!” ~ Tommy King, Director of Marketing, Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group (Former Director of Communication, Goldstar Events)

“I worked collaboratively with Reena, a team-player who wore many hats! She is a project manager who has a knack for relationship management. Her contributions range from providing research, content, and promotions for Greenopia, the urban dweller’s guide to green living, booking celebrities for dropping knowledge’s table of free voices event to assisting with event logistics for the silent auction/screening of The Witness (The National Civil Rights Museum). Conscientious and reliable, she still pranked me on occasions!” ~ Brian Dolen, Creative Director, Simms Fishing Products (Former Art Director, BIG)

“Working with Reena at BIG was always a pleasure, as we creatively served the agency’s roster of ‘green’ clients. She is very detail oriented, driven, kind and down to earth. Reena has a big heart and a strong work ethic, which is an important combination. I would love to work with her again in the future.” ~ Celine Nahas, Studio Manager/Sr. Studio Production Artist, phenomenon (Former Art Director, BIG)

“Reena and I were colleagues in the Corporate division at GolinHarris LA and have remained friends since then. Reena is extremely driven and has always thrown herself wholeheartedly into projects with the client’s strategic goals in mind. She was regularly leveraged for new business research and presentation development because of her fine attention to detail and ability to keep calm under pressure. However, what has always stood out most to me is Reena’s selflessness and passion for helping others in need. She has always taken on cause-related activities in addition to work and various other artistic interests. Reena’s positive, creative and resourceful nature will take her far in life — she’d be an asset to any company.” ~Jen Case Ralls, VP, Public Relations, Fitbit (Former Senior Account Supervisor, GolinHarris)

“There are very few people who possess the passion and energy of Reena. She is skillful in event management and interpersonal communications. Admirably, she incorporates “good” in her work, even promoting our music festivals. In particular, on the eve of 911 and Doheny Days, we had a handful of artists cancel their performances. Reena took the initiative to turn it into a benefit concert, led media efforts and secured a partnership with the American Red Cross. The show went on with community and music at its heart. She is also enthusiastic about teamwork, whether it is supervising our vendors or volunteers. Always positive!” ~ Rich Sherman, President, Omega Events, Inc.

“One word to describe Reena – Connected! She is a master at connecting people in a collaborative way that delivers results for all parties. She has a vast network of community relationships. Her ability to reach an audience in a strategic and methodical way is only surpassed by her warm friendly personality. She enthusiastically planned and managed special events to raise awareness and funds for the children’s museum. The events ranged from Club Monaco to Donna Karan store fundraisers, our annual golf tournament, to restaurant grand openings at the Irvine Spectrum. Reena was a great asset to our team and will be to yours too.” ~ Sandra Peffer Stone, Business Development Consultant (Former Executive Director, Pretend City Children’s Museum)

“Reena recruited and developed a team of high-capacity volunteers, working closely with our board to provide leadership and support for outreach and special events. She strategically planned, executed and evaluated all marketing events for outreach and fundraising purposes. Reena is always extremely self-motivated and able to solve problems. Her strong work ethic, fantastic sense of humor and innate caring make her the ideal employee and colleague!” ~ Linda Hunter, Project Director for Relocation, Pretend City Children’s Museum 

“Reena is a professional with heart and allows neither of these strengths to overpower the other. She has a strong talent for creativity and resourcefulness, which she has demonstrated by taking the challenges of low funds, little time, and varying opinions, and turning those ingredients into valuable events and programs. In addition to effectively managing material resources, she maintains good organization with her projects and contacts, so she always seems prepared to appropriately connect people, which is one of her greatest qualities. Reena shows that she genuinely values people and relationships, and so she’s a natural at bringing the right people together around a goal, persevering until she meets success.” ~ Gina Lance, Manager, Human Resources, Orange County Department of Education (Former Human Resources and Operations Manager, Pretend City Children’s Museum)

“Reena was an asset to the HomeAid team because of the positive attitude she displayed on the job every single day. She was diligent and organized in completing projects and worked extremely well under pressure. She was instrumental in creating marketing brochures along with significant research materials on homelessness for the organization’s national chapter expansion activities. Reena was a highly respected team member because of her dedication and enthusiasm for the organization.” ~ Susan Blen, Stewardship Director, HomeAid America

“Reena is an amazingly innovative person. She enabled our work to be more efficient by organizing day-to-day processes and streamlined how certain duties were performed. Particularly, I witnessed the camaraderie and morale boost she brought to the employees. She organized company functions for over 100+ employees, took a rather systematic company and instituted an employee volunteer program that built connections throughout. She also implemented a recycling program to reduce office waste. This had never been done before. She brings a vision to an organization and is detail-oriented, organized and creative. She believes in doing her homework before a task and following up after it is completed.” ~ Robin Scott, Owner, Robin Scott-Hutchens Income Tax Service (Former Staff Accountant, O’Neil Product Development)

“She spearheaded a corporate volunteer program, which united the different departments of our company together and helped us connect with each other as well as our community. Due to her efforts, O’Neil Inc. was recognized in the OC Weekly as one of the Best Places To Work
and received a nomination for the Spirit of Volunteerism Awards from OneOC! Overall, her ability to multitask with a positive attitude and promote the value of teamwork truly changed our workplace. She helped incorporate corporate philanthropy into our business model which is still a big part of O’Neil Software’s business model to this day.” ~ Lariza Stringfellow, Director, Information Systems & Training, Access Information Management (Former Support Project Manager, O’Neil Software)