Research and Writing

“I had the pleasure of working with Reena on several writing assignments on business and health topics for one of my clients. She is without a doubt one of the best and most professional freelance writers I’ve worked with. The quality of her work was always excellent. Her writing style is concise, compelling, and purposeful. You can tell she truly understands the audience. Reena is very responsive, resourceful, and overall easy to work with. I would recommend her without hesitation.” ~ Aaron Camacho, Former Business Strategist/Director of Client Services, Acento Advertising

Business Has A Role In Dismantling Racism: 3 Takeaways From Our Conversation With Dr. Manuel Pastor And Amelia Ransom

"For decades, the mainstream narrative has reduced the role of business solely down to selling products and services for a profit." [Read more]

Six Savvy Ways to Build Your Wardrobe

“While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence — which, I believe, does make the woman.” ~Mary Kay Ash. Earning a living is only half of the journey to financial independence.” [Read more]

5 Empowering Questions to Help You Thrive in Life

“Why me?” “Over 7 billion people worldwide have reason to ask this same exact question. However, some choose to positively pose the question, like Marianne Williamson in A Return to Love.” [Read more]

Who Are the ‘Sheroes’ In Your Life?

“Sheroes” are everyday people doing extraordinary things! They are the courageous women and men who actively stand up for women’s rights. It takes compassion and strength to be part of the solution to empower women. As noted in Gender Equality by the United Nations Population Fund: “When women are empowered, whole families benefit, and these benefits often have ripple effects to future generations.” [Read more]

Green Gifts on a Budget: 3 Easy Tips

“Being savvy and eco-friendly never goes out of style. Below are 3 easy tips on how to make and give green gifts on a budget.” [Read more]

How to be Really Happy and Healthy

“Do you often ask yourself, where did the time go? Did it flutter away like a butterfly? If you chase it, it will elude you. Your time is valuable, like you. How you spend your waking hours says a lot about your character and how you choose to create happiness.” [Read more]

Reputation Building and Corporate Volunteerism Impacts Bottom Line

“Corporations who genuinely have an effective corporate volunteer program often earn a good reputation from stakeholders, media and the general public. As noted by The State of Corporate Citizenship in the United States 2009, The Hitachi Foundation and Boston College, a good reputation is increasingly linked to bottom-line benefits such as improved sales, license to operate, employee morale and productivity, and retention of top talent.” [Read more]

Five Takes on Gratitude to Lift Your Attitude

“How do you experience the ups of life when you are down? Shift your focus to the healing power of gratitude. Certain life experiences, like losing your job or ending a relationship, can jolt us out of our comfort zone. I experienced both this year and I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Florence + the Machine’s Shake It Out song says it best, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” [Read more]

How to Navigate Passion Into Your Work

“At 5 years old, I told my parents I wanted to be a passenger when I grew up. I’d like to think I was being metaphorical like I was calling shotgun for the best seat in life’s adventure. As an empowered woman, I’m more creative with my career choices. I prefer to be the driver of my own destiny. Yet, I accept, there are certain things in life I cannot change or control — like lay-offs, Gary Busey’s antics or colorful bosses.” [Read more]

Occupying From The Inside

“For those who want to catalyze positive social change, events such as the Net Impact and Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) conferences provide the opportunity to engage with other like-minded individuals to share ideas on how to create social and environmental good through business.” [Read more]

3 Ways Mentoring Inspires Meaningful Relationships

“So you’re not getting paid? You don’t have to be here? My social worker or the court didn’t send you?” Cecilia said. “Nope. I’m here spending time with you because I want to,” I happily said. At 19, I wanted to make a difference in the everyday life challenges of a foster child and became a volunteer mentor for the YMCA ARK Program, Services for Abused Children.” [Read more]

The Rise of Cause Integration

“For innovative businesses to create a sustainable impact, long gone are the days of just slapping a ribbon on a product for a “cause” or writing an occasional check for one’s nonprofit of choice. Cause, now, goes much deeper than marketing.” [Read more]

Corporate Giving and the Social Economy

“What if corporate leaders thought more like Bill Gates, a leading philanthropist and founder of Microsoft, who once said, “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others?” Ideally, innovative corporations would increasingly function beyond the short-term profit motive and pay greater attention to their impact on the social economy.” [Read more]

The Value of a Mentor

“Invest in your professional future by building a relationship with someone who is more experienced than you and who is willing to share that experience – a mentor. Mentors can offer advice, ideas, and contacts, and they can help you create a roadmap to your dreams.” [Read more]

Tips to Reduce Your e-Waste

“Are you one of the average consumers who replace's her cell phone every nine months? In a world of constant electronic upgrades, we’re generating more than 3.2 million tons of e-waste in the U.S. each year alone, according to the EPA.” [Read more]

Skip the Staycation

“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking,” Earl Wilson. As hard as you’ve been working over the past few months, a “staycation” just may not cut it this year. So what can you do over the next five months to ensure you’ll have the budget to actually get away? ” [Read more]

Melodic O

"If a sage and a musically gifted chieftain converged and formed a brotherhood, better yet, a progressive rock and world fusion band, today, they would be known as Spoonfed Tribe." [Read more]